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Our Values

Currently, the nutrition status of children in Australia varies, but there are concerns about certain aspects. While Australia generally has a high standard of living and access to a variety of foods, there are still challenges in ensuring all children have access to nutritious meals. Issues such as food insecurity, inadequate intake of fruits and vegetables, and overconsumption of processed foods contribute to concerns about the overall nutrition status of children in some communities.

This is where we come in!

Lilly’s Little Lunchbox is more than just a home meal delivery service, we are dedicated to promoting nutritious eating habits among Australian children. We believe that instilling these habits early on fosters lifelong health and wellbeing. By providing delicious, wholesome meals and snacks tailored to young tastes, we aim to empower our younger and future generations with the knowledge and enjoyment of nourishing foods, ensuring they grow up with a strong foundation for healthy living.

Cara Aprile


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