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Every parent/carer understands all too well the struggle of having to wake up early each morning to prepare healthy and nutritious lunches for their children. Or maybe the dilemma of foraging for food in the mornings only to realise you should have done that grocery shop the day before as now you have nothing fresh and tasty to feed your children.  As a mother to a school-aged daughter, I would be lying if I said none of the above has ever happened to me.


With a university education in nutrition & dietetics, combined with being a busy working mother and having a passion for preparing healthy and nutritious meals for my own child, Lilly’s Little Lunchbox was created (named after my daughter). I realised I would love to help other parents stuck in the same daily situation as myself by helping to remove the hassle and stress of preparing lunches daily and make healthy, filling and nutritious meals for your children. This in turn will give you more time in the mornings to focus on other tasks (like, kindly asking your child for the tenth time that morning to put their school uniform on).

So who are these meals most suitable for? Everyone. Our customers range from children in daycare, school aged children, adults, the weight loss community, NDIS participants & the elderly.  We offer an UPSIZE option if you require more food. 

All meals are:

  • Bright, fresh, healthy & balanced lunches and smoothies

  • No additives, preservatives or fillers are used

  • All natural ingredients

  • Highest quality ingredients

  • Delivered to your door

  • Reusable & recyclable packaging

  • Kids love them

  • Adults are enjoying them too


What's included:

  • Healthy lunch meal, fruit & vegetable snacks & a yummy energy snack

  • ​Meals available 5 days a week with the flexibility of choosing the days you need

  • Subscription options that are easy to manage, pause and unsubscribe

We hope that your children enjoy their lunches just as much as Lilly does!

Cara Aprile - BNut&Diet, BHSc(Nut)
and the LLL Team 

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