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About Us
As a busy working mother, I have always understood the daily struggle of having to wake up early each morning to prepare healthy and nutritious lunches for my daughter. This is why I created Lilly's Little Lunchbox, named after my daughter, to help parents in the same situation by removing the hassle and stress of preparing lunches daily and providing healthy, filling, and nutritious meals for your children.
Our Mission
To be the world's largest and healthiest canteen, delivering dietitian-designed, fresh, and healthy lunches made for kids. Each meal incorporates the five core food groups, instilling healthy eating habits in the next generation.
Passion for Health & Wellness
With my dietetic background, I am extremely passionate about health, wellness, and nutrition. Armed with a passion for helping people, I aim to support the whole Australian population in improving their health. At Lilly's Little Lunchbox we wholeheartedly believe believe that dietary habits formed during childhood track into adolescence and adulthood, making it crucial to establish healthy eating patterns early on.
Commitment to Sustainability & Dietary Needs
We are constantly focused on improving sustainability practices and catering to specific dietary requirements and allergies. We offer meals free of dairy, gluten, and egg, and provide vegetarian options.
We are deeply mindful of food wastage both within our facility and with your homes. We minimise food wastage by incorporating leftover ingredients into smoothies and recipes, ensuring each meal is both delicious and sustainable. Our meals are perfectly portioned, helping to improve food wastage in your household also. 
Just launched - Lilly's Active
We are excited to announce the launch of Lilly's Active - Meals that Perform. These meals are designed for active teens and adults of all ages and abilities to fuel their performance. Lilly's Active meals provide high-quality, energy-dense, and protein-rich options.
We look forward to continuing to provide your families and yourself with healthy and nutritious meals that they will love.
Cara Aprile, Founder of Lilly's Little Lunchbox
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