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As a busy working mother, I have always understood the daily struggle of having to wake up early each morning to prepare healthy and nutritious lunches for my daughter. This is why I created Lilly's Little Lunchbox, named after my daughter, to help parents in the same situation by removing the hassle and stress of preparing lunches daily and providing healthy, filling and nutritious meals for your children.


Our mission

To be the world's largest and healthiest tuckshop, delivering dietitian-designed, fresh and healthy lunches made for kids, with the incorporation of the 5 core food groups in every meal, instilling healthy eating habits in the next generation.


We value high customer service and have achieved a lot since our launch. We started off with six products and are now delivering over 80+ fresh combinations of meals and snacks as well as a frozen smoothies line across NSW, VIC, ACT & QLD. Delivery into SA will be announced soon. 

What started off focusing on children's meals, quickly grew to see adults were ordering and enjoying our meals for themselves too. We now cater to anyone from the age of 2 right through to the elderly. Our meals don't just need to be eaten at school or daycare. They can be eaten at home or while out and about, and for lunch or dinner.


We are constantly focused on improving sustainability practices, catering to specific dietary requirements/allergies including meals that are free of dairy, gluten and egg and even vegetarian options. We’ve formed partnerships with schools and daycares. We have improved our business processors and operations to become more efficient, and customers receive one delivery per week with meals lasting 6 days in your fridge.

Thank you for your continued support of Lilly's Little Lunchbox. We look forward to continuing to provide your families with healthy and nutritious meals that they will love.




Cara Aprile, Founder of Lilly's Little Lunchbox

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