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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you?

Please email us at or call us on 0402 089 484.

Can I order any items from your menu?

Yes, all item's on our menu are available anytime you wish to order. We like to encourage variety in your children's diet along with exposing them to different tastes and textures so we suggest you try different menu items where possible. Variety will also provide your children with a range of vitamins and minerals which is crucial for normal physical and mental development.


Can I request certain fruits & vegetables not be included in my order?

Lilly's Little Lunchbox is a premium, pre-made delivery service selecting the highest quality produce and fruits and vegetables that are in season. Due to high volumes, we are unable to accommodate requests for certain fruits & vegetables. 

How does your food stay fresh?

Our lunchbox meals come prepared in a 3-compartment tray. Our state of the art processors extents the shelf life of our meals which means we can deliver even fresher lunchbox meals to our customers.


How long does the food last once delivered?

Our meals will last a whole week and are to be stored at 1-4 degrees in your fridge as soon as they are delivered. Do not remove the seal until the meal is to be eaten as once seal is removed, food items will need to be eaten that day. 


What’s the difference between a ‘One-off’ order and a ‘Subscription’ order?

You can place a ‘subscription’ order which will be delivered to your home, school or daycare each week or you can place a ‘one-off’ order.

When placing a ‘subscription’ order you will save 10% on the total cost of your order each week. Subscriptions can be paused or cancelled. Please note that when placing a subscription order, you need to remain with the subscription for a minimum of 2 weeks. After this time you can cancel or pause anytime.  


Cut off time and delivery days

Cut off times and delivery days vary depending on your location. Please go to checkout to select the closest delivery day. 

  • NSW & ACT - Delivery Saturday & Sunday (Tuesday prior 5pm)

  • VIC - Delivery Saturday & Sunday (cut off time Tuesday prior 5pm)

  • SEQ - Weekday delivery (cut off time Saturday 5pm) & weekend delivery including Monday delivery (Wednesday 5pm)

  • North QLD - Monday delivery (cut off time Wednesday prior 5pm)

What if I need to make a change to my order?

If you are a subscription order, you can make changes to your order each week however these changes need to be made prior to your next payment coming out or prior to the cut off times above for your location. For example, if your weekly automatic payment comes out every Tuesday, we need to be notified of the changes by the latest Monday. This is dependant on cut off times and your location also. Please email us at to make any changes. 

If you are purchasing on an ad hoc basis, please select carefully as no changes can be made to your order. 


What if I need to cancel my order?

Cancellation to your order needs to be made prior to your next payment automatically coming out. If we are notified of cancellation after this time, we will make your final delivery and cancel after this time. Please note, if you have a subscription order, it is a 2-week minimum of orders received. Please email us at requesting to cancel your subscription. 


Where do you deliver?

We deliver across NSW, VIC, ACT and QLD. We deliver directly to customers homes, daycare centres, schools and sporting clubs.


Can I reseal my tray if I don’t eat everything?

Yes, you can. Our 3-compartment trays come sealed with a clear film. All 3-compartments are sealed individually. Lids can be ordered on request to fit over trays so you can reseal your meal if anything is left over. Lids and trays are all reusable and recyclable. Please note that once seal has been removed, food items will need to be eaten on the same day seal was removed. 


How do my meals come delivered?

All meals are wrapped in insulation with a gel pack and placed in a recyclable box to keep them fresh and cold. All orders are delivered in a refrigerated truck. 

Is there a delivery fee?

Our delivery fee ranges from $15.25 to $19.50 depending on your location. 


Why do I have to pay for delivery or why is the delivery fee so expensive?

Our delivery fee covers the cost of transporting your meals directly to your home in a refrigerated truck using our third-party couriers. LLL does not gain any profits from the delivery fee. This fee is exactly what our courier company charges LLL per home delivery.


What’s the difference between your meal packs, sandwich boxes and grazing boxes?

Firstly, all our meals are made fresh to order and are designed to be fuss-free. Just grab and go.


Meal Packs

  • Our largest serving lunch option

  • Typically comes with a main meal that is cooked

  • The main can be eaten cold if you desire or can be heated and packed in a thermos

  • Comes with fruit and vegetables and healthy energy snack

  • Can be upsized for larger portions of the main, fruit & vegetables

  • 7 day shelf life once delivered

  • Can be eaten for dinner also

  • Allows for more exposure to ‘new’ foods


Sandwich Box

  • Our more traditional lunch option

  • Variety of sandwich options available

  • Great for children who may be a little more ‘fussy’

  • Also suitable for children and adults who are after something a little more simple

  • Comes with fruit, veggie sticks, cheese and crackers and a mini muffin

  • 7 day shelf life once delivered


Grazing Box

  • Designed as a healthy afternoon snack box but, of course can be eaten any time of the day

  • A great way to get in extra fruit and vegetables

  • Choose between salami slices or a sandwich

  • Comes with cheese and crackers, dip, veggie sticks and fruit

  • 7 day shelf life once delivered


Do you cater to dietary requirements and allergies?

We have options for customers who require no added gluten, dairy and egg as well as vegetarian options. All our fresh meals and lunch recipes are nut free. Note - our Frozen Choc Peanut Smoothie does contain peanuts and is prepared in a separate environment to avoid any cross-contamination. Read more on our Nutrition page

Please keep in mind however that we cannot guarantee the complete absence of gluten, dairy & egg as our meals are prepared in an environment where foods containing these allergens may be prepared or traces can be found in other ingredients.


Do you purchase local produce?

When selecting our fruits and vegetables each week our buyers select those that are local and in season. This ensures the quality of the produce we are selecting is local and at a high standard. 

My child won't eat their main meal cold. Can I heat this?

For children who prefer their main meal hot, we suggest removing the seal the morning food items are to be eaten. Heat the main portion in the microwave or oven and place in a thermos to take to school that day. Place the fruit & vegetable portion and treat in smaller reusable containers. See video highlighting this.

My child is unwell. What do I do about my meals?

If your child becomes unwell prior to your meals being delivered, unfortunately we are unable to cancel and / or refund orders once payment has been made. Cancellation to your order needs to be made prior to your next payment automatically coming out. If we are notified of cancellation after this time, we will still need to make this delivery as costs have already been incurred by our business. Either yourself, other family members or friends can enjoy the meals if your child is not able to eat them. 

How environmentally conscious is the packaging?

We pride ourselves on our environmentally conscious attitude at Lilly's Little Lunchbox. We have tested the wide range of different packaging products available to ensure sustainability is front of mind while compliant food safety standards are met when we provide customers with convenient fresh meals for the week. Our trays are recyclable and reusable. 

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