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How do our meals include the 5 core food groups?

  1. Fruit - We always include fruit in every box. Typically 2-3 different fruits will be included. We like to select different fruits, where possible each week and always ensure that they are in season. This means that not only are you receiving the tastiest and freshest fruit possible, you’re also receiving a variety of vitamins and minerals.

  2. Vegetables - let’s be honest, vegetables aren’t always children’s first choice. However depending on their age and sex, children should be consuming anywhere from 2-5 servings a day so we always recommend including them in our boxes. Vegetables will always be found in our recipes also. Exposing children to vegetables regardless of whether they eat them or not will eventually build up their confidence to try them.

  3. Grain - whether it be in the form of pasta, whole grain bread or another source of grain… you guessed it! It will be there.

  4. Dairy - In this box, dairy is included in the form of cheese however dairy is used in a variety of our recipes.

  5. Protein - Meat is an obvious choice and meat is included in our meals however we also gain protein from egg, chickpeas, seeds etc which can all be found in our meals.

Our boxes are put together in a considered manner and approved by our Dietitian giving you the confidence that what you are ordering for you children is good for them.

Try us out today!

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