Get your mornings back and let us do all

the work for you!

Fresh, ready-made, nude food lunches and smoothies

Delivered to your door

Highest quality ingredients

Recyclable packaging

Kids love them

Adults are enjoying them too


Family-owned - Brisbane based & servicing Sunshine Coast to Byron Bay (including Toowoomba)

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Quick and easy 


Directly to your door 

(Free delivery on orders over $100)

Hello, XXX loved her lunch today and is excited for the next one! She said she was the talk of the lunch news today, even a teacher was impressed and said you better watch out because she wanted it too.

Hi Cara!

Well we just had our first week of lunches and OMG - I literally can't believe I haven't had this in our lives earlier! I am so impressed!!!

Thank you for designing such an incredible concept! Can I preregister for Term 1 2022 to ensure we don't miss out? Thank you again you truely are a lifesaver and a parents secret weapon!!

This week's lunches have been great so far, thank you. I really care about my son's nutrition and I'm so excited for how much time this is going to give me back in my evenings!