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Don't know which smoothies to choose from? This is the pack for you! Try one of each. 


Smoothie packs contains the following smoothies:


Choc peanut smoothie - the LLL fave! Containing all of natures best in one smooth creamy drink.

Contains: banana, avocado, spinach, cocoa nibs, peanuts, flaxseed. WARNING: does contain peanuts so not suitable for those with a nut allergy!! All other smoothies are completely suitable.

Pink berry smoothie - Don’t be deceived by their small size. Berries are mighty powerhouses that are packed full of antioxidants which may help protect your body from disease. And given their sweetness they are basically nature’s candy.

Contains: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, chia seeds, topped off with mint for that extra freshness.

Tropical mango smoothie - Our most popular smoothie by far! Pretend you are lounging pool side in a tropical oasis sipping all the delicious flavours our mango smoothie has to offer. 

Contains mango, pineapple, spinach, passionfruit & flaxseeds you can see why this smoothie has been a crowd favourite. And it's healthy for you too! It's perfect on its own blended with a cup of milk. However if you really want to get those island juices flowing add some coconut yoghurt too.


Green machine smoothie - You'll be green with envy if you don't try our green machine smoothie. And we all know it's healthy for you because... it's green!

Contains green apple, kiwi fruit, spinach, passionfruit, chia seeds.

Mixed Bag (4 Pack)

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Mixed Variety
$30.00every week until canceled
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